We Love Working with Seniors!

Las Vegas is a great choice for the senior community...we call them active adults. 
Vibrant, lively, and looking for a community that can provide all the amenities for an active lifestyle and a community spirit.
Today's active adult communities provide a resort type environment, and emphasize social and cultural activities.
Residents can golf, swim, exercise, hike, bike, walk, jog, dance, do yoga or pilates, do arts & crafts, have movie nights,
go to educational classes, join clubs plus much more.
The community promotes a sense of belonging, friendliness, and fun.

Las Vegas has great weather...300 days of sunshine on average every year.
Las Vegas is tax friendly.
Las Vegas offers a grand lifestyle.

Las Vegas has many established active adult communities as well as many new developments.
Single family homes, condominiums, townhomes, custom built homes are available.

Sometimes Assisted Living facilities are needed.
Delinda & The Crampton Team understand the special needs of this group as well and are ready to help in all ways.

Serving seniors is a Crampton Team Speciality.
Our agents have been trained and educated to know what is most important to this special group in our society.
Some of our agents are seniors and walk the talk so to say.

Listen to Delinda talking about working with seniors and how The Crampton Team can be of assistance

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