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Weekly Dialogue with Delinda.....For Millennial Investors Who are Getting into the Real Estate Market

Millennials are starting to get into the real estate investment market.

Delinda offers some tips to help these investors reach their goals!

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Weekly Dialogue with Delinda.....For Millennial Buyers Who Want to Buy a Home


It's getting tougher for millennials to buy a home. 

Delinda offers some insights and ideas to help these buyers get their dream home!

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Weekly Dialogue with Delinda......Renting vs Buying a Home, Some Facts for You to Know


We get asked a lot about renting vs buying a home.   
Many of our Clients, friends, family and partners are curious about which is better for them.

We can help with that analysis in the Las Vegas Valley.

Here Delinda offers you some facts about both. 
You choose which is best for you. 

And if you need any assistance, we're always here to help!

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Weekly Dialogue with Delinda.....Things to Know About i-Buyers


What is an i-Buyer?
A real estate company that buys homes from sellers who sign up online. After receiving a description of the property,
the i-Buyer makes an offer to the seller within a couple days, which may even include the cost of moving.

Is an i-Buyer right for you?
Listen to Delinda tell you some things you need to know about i-Buyers.

If you need to know how i-Buyers compare to a traditional real estate transaction, contact us at The Crampton Team to discuss
some comparative data based on the market value of your home, including some pros and cons of each type sale.
This kind of info may help you choose which type of sale is right for you.

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Delinda Takes You to Sun City Summerlin in Las Vegas on The American Dream


Wonder what it's like to live in an adult community, and what the home can look like.

Delinda takes you thru a beautifully upgraded home in the Sun City Summerlin adult community;
and shows you some of the great amenities you can enjoy when you live here.

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Weekly Dialogue with Delinda ... Is Real Estate on YOUR Bucket List?


It's Delinda's 50th birthday and she wants to share one of the items on her bucket list with you.

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Weekly Dialogue With Delinda......Why Have We Seen a Housing Shortage in the Las Vegas Valley


Did you ever wonder what the reasons are for why we have seen a housing shortage in many areas?

Here's Delinda to tell you 4 big reasons why this has happened and is happening!

Weekly Dialogue with Delinda -- Delinda talks about some hidden costs when buying a home


So you think you're buying a home, however did you ever think about all the $$ that may go into your purchase?   

Here's Delinda to tell you about some hidden costs you might face during your home purchase.

Weekly Dialogue with Delinda.......Summer Energy Savings

Watch Delinda as she talks about summer energy savings. 

Any comments?    We'd love to hear from you!

Living Near the Water in Las Vegas!

If you've dreamed of living near the water and enjoying the boating, fishing, swimming, camping joys of life, check out this newly listed condo with spectacular views of Lake Mead.

Plenty of inside space and a garage which accommodates RV parking.

For more info, click on the photo:

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